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Botswana College of Agriculture
Private Bag 0027
Gaborone, Botswana
Phone: +267 - 3650100
Fax: +267 - 3928753
www . bca . bw
University of Botswana
Botswana Government

General Information





The Department of Animal Science Production is made up of five units, Animal Clinic, Diagnostic Lab, Field Lab, Nutritional Lab and Student Enterprise Project

Technicians working at the clinic

Mr. M.J. Madimabe
Mr J.B. Machete
Mr. L. Malela
Mr. M. Legodimo
Mrs. P.Monau

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Recent publications (where technical staff are co-authors or acknowledged)

Malela L. in Kamau J.M. and S.P. Sharma (2007). An outbreak of contagious ecthyma in Tswana goats and sheep in Botswana. Bots. J. Agric. Appl.Sci. 3 (1) 2007.

Extension Services (offered to the wider commuity)

Services offered include medical and surgical intervention as well as general advice on matters of pet management, livestock production and herd health. These services are currently provided free, but the cases presented are attended to within the limits of the resources available. The clinic is a government vaccination centre for rabies.

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