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Botswana College of Agriculture
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University of Botswana
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The Department of Agricultural Engineering and Land Planning is made up of six units,Agric Structures,Geomatics,Land Planning, Power Machinery,Soil Engineering, Technology

AEL Research

AEL has been active in a number of research projects over the years. Recent publications of each academic staff member may be viewed by visiting the staff member's webpage listed in the directory above. Current research projects in the departement are listed below.

On-Going Research Projects:

  • Long-term environmental effects of soil management practices in the Pandamatenga farms (Tapela M, Kayombo B., Meulenberg F.)
  • Aerodynamic properties of Botswana grain crops (M. Tapela, R. Tsheko, E. M. Chimbombi)
  • Monitoring the effects of environmental parameters on poultry housing designs used in Botswana (R. Tsheko, H.J. Chepete, E. M. Chimbombi, D. J. M. Kamau and H. Masebu)
  • Precision Agriculture as a strategy to improve dryland farming in Botswana (R. Tsheko, B. Kayombo, S. Machacha, F. Meulenburg and J. N. Batisani)
  • Desert Margins Programme (DMP) Phase 1 : Biological Diversity with relevance to Climate Change and the Cross-Cutting Issue of Land Degradation (GEF funded Project).Kayombo B, project leader.
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