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Chairmans Report

This report covers the business of the Botswana College of Agriculture (BCA) for the period April 1st 2004 to March 31st 2005. The report by the College Auditors was received, considered and adopted by the Governing Council at its meeting of the 14th September 2005.

Commitment to staff development by the College is now beginning to pay off significantly, with twenty-four staff members having PhDs. Research activity in academic departments is increasing. On behalf of the Governing Council, I wish to acknowledge the diligence with which the administration managed the affairs of the College. I thank the staff and students for making the period under review a successful one. On behalf of the BCA Governing Council, I wish to express appreciation to the University of Botswana for providing the quality assurance standards for our academic programmes and for the guidance and assistance extended to the College. The support from farmers and other stakeholders who have worked with the College, as well as some international agencies for financially supporting some research projects at the College, is appreciated. Finally, I thank the Government of Botswana for continuing to fund the College adequately.

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